Minijoy app - play game and earn paytm cash

Minijoy app - play game and earn paytm cash

Minijoy app - play game and earn paytm cash
Saturday, 27 June 2020

Minijoy app - Earn paytm Cash by playing Game online.

Hello, friends as you can see every day we are regularly posting new and latest trick and tips for earning money online and in this post, I am going to show you that you are making 500 rupees per month by using and playing the game in Minijoy apk. Minijoy is one of the best app for earning paytm cash by playing online games in Minijoy apk there are more than 20 games this app.  This is 100% real app that gives you real cash You can now Play and participate in live gaming tournaments for free and win real cash. You can also use your SignUp joy coin and cash to Play more Game. once the results are announced for the tournament, winners can cashout immediately. you can Withdraw Your winning amount in Paytm. and if you want to ore money then also read :- BigCash App Referral Code | Play Games and Earn Unlimited Money 

Mini joy

How to make an account in minijoy app.

As I already you that minijoy is an application in which you will earn money by simply playing a game with online players who play the same game at the same time with you. for making an account in Minijoy apk you need only one mobile number that's all.

1. download and install minijoy apk by given link because this app is not available in the play store. : Download

2. open the app and read all instruction given by the app.

3. select your preferred language and then click next button.

Mini joy

4. then you are in the home page of minijoy app click on golden egg then it will ask for signup.

5. in this app you have three option to signup google account, facebook and your phone number.

Mini joy

How to earn money from minijoy app

there are many ways to earn money in minijoy app but the most common way to earn money from this app is to refer and earn and the second common way to earn money is to join a contest and play the game, I am showing you all methods to earn money from this app.

Mini joy

  • play the game and earn money:-

join costest and earn money is the most common way to earn money in minijoy app. many people try to earn some money from there but not everyone gets success becouse not everyone gamer but most of the people earn a lot of money from there becouse the game is available is too easy to play. if you are instructed in-game then definitely you will earn money. but in the normal game, you will get only joy coin in the reword after that you have to convert joy coin into cash then you will get real cash and in this app  1000 joy is equal to 1

Mini joy

1. first of all click on the game option.
2. there are more than 20 games click on any game.
3. play the game and you will get some joy cion after playing this game.
4. collect all joy coin and convert joy coin into rupees 1000 joy coin = 1 rupee.  

  • play Quiz and earn money:-

the other way to earn money is Quiz contest, minijoy launch our new way to earn money that is play quiz and earn money. If are you vary intelligent then you defiantly earn money from there. In the Quiz, you will earn joy coin as well as cash prize becouse there is many Quiz run same time but the entry is not free in Quiz contest you will pay some entry free then you will able to play Quiz contest.

Mini joy

1. first click on game option then scroll down and click on quiz contest.
2. after that chouse any Quiz which is running.
3. then pay the entry fee and participate in the Quiz.
4. give the correct answer within 10 seconds and earn money.

  • How to refer and earn money:-

refer and earn one of the easiest and fastest way to earn money. if your friend circle is big then simply send this app to your friend and Minijoy give you rupees 31 per refer and you also earn up to rs 3000 by referring your friend and family members. there is two way to invite your friend in minijoy pro app first is copy the invite code and when your friend used your invite code during signup you will get your rewards and the second one is sending your invitation link to your friend and family member and when you friend join minijoy app with your invitation link then you will get you 31 rupees in reward. both method is working and you will get your rewords.

Mini joy play

the main things were that you will get a different amount of different number of referrals.

 Referrals  reward amount 
 1st Referrals  ₹31/each 
 2-5 Referrals   ₹33/each 
 6-20 Referrals  ₹35/each 
 21-204 Referrals   ₹37/each 
 205- 781 Referrals   ₹39/each 

Mini joy

1. First of all Click On me  Option.
2. then click on invite option.
3. Copy Link or Share the link on WhatsApp, Facebook,  to Your Friends, Family Members.
4. Each successful invitation rewards you will get your reward amount and also joy coin.

  • complete daily tasks and earn joy :

In the daily task will get daily different task and when you complete this all task you will get joy coin and this all task is very simple to complete for the complete task you have to click on check-in option when you click then you will get some joy coin which will add in your account and after collecting joy you convert the joy to real cash  10000 joy is equal to 10.

Mini joy

1. first of all click on the check-in option.
2. then you will get two option first: Benefits option second: New offer.
3. click on any option and complete with the given instruction.
4.after completing you will get free joy.

How to convert you joy coin into real cash 

convert you earned joy coin into real cash as I already told you that 10000 joy is equal to 10 so you need a minimum 1000 joy to convert joy into cash and this is very simple and easy to convert you just follow some step and you joy converted into cash. steps below.

Mini joy

1. firstly click on Me option in minijoy and you will get information related you.
2. then click on My joy option and in this, you will get you joy related information.
3. click on convert here show you current joy.
4. then choose your conversion option.
5. click on the convert button and confirm yon conversion.
6. your joy successfully converted.

How to Withdrawal your winning amount in PayTm and Bank account.

Mini joy

if you are a lot more money for this app then you need to withdrawal you winning amount and in the minijoy pro app, you have only one option to withdrawal you winning amount that paytm you will receive your cash in your paytm very easily you just enter your paytm number and verify with otp and withdrawal you winning cash in your paytm account they will send you your withdrawal amount within 1 business day once your withdrawal amount was submitted.  the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupee up to 5000 rupees per day you withdrawal you winning amount only three times in a day. 

*** for withdrawing you need to complete your Minijoy app KYC  ***

1. firstly click on Me option in minijoy and you will get information related you.
2. then click on balance, you will get you joy related information like deposit amount, withdrawable(winning) amount, bonus amount. on withdrawable amount read all instructions and select your amount.
4. click on withdrawal button then enter your paytm number verify with OTP and withdrawal your winning amount.

  • withdrawal bonus amount for minijoy app 

you also withdrawal your bonus amount but with a different approach or different roles for withdrawal the bonus amount   

withdrawal eligibility 

only newcomers 

for invitees

 active user only

 active user only
₹ 300

for all user

 for all user

 for all user

 for all user

 for all user

Mini joy

How to deposit amount in Minijoy app 

 deposit cash for playing cash tournament and contest in minijoy app but I do not recommend to deposit cash and play games in minijoy app but becouse only for knowledge I am showing how to deposit cash in this app and join the contest. you deposit your cash in mini joy only from paytm. you can't withdrawal deposit amount return to in your paytm. you deposit your amount from paytm or BHIM UPI like Phonepe, amazon pay, google pay e.t.c. for deposit cash, you follow fue step.

Mini joy play game and earn paytm cash

1. firstly click on Me option in minijoy and you will get information related you.
2. in the deposit account click on top-up.
3. select or enter your amount and click on Top-up.
4. select your payment method paytm or BHIM UPI.
5. enter your details and your amount is automatically detected for your wallet or bank. 

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Minijoy app - play game and earn paytm cash
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