🤑 BigCash App Referral Code | Play Games and Earn Unlimited Money | APK DOWNLOAD

🤑 BigCash App Referral Code | Play Games and Earn Unlimited Money | APK DOWNLOAD

🤑 BigCash App Referral Code | Play Games and Earn Unlimited Money | APK DOWNLOAD
Saturday, 27 June 2020

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What is Big Cash App?

Big Big cash is an online gaming app from where you can earn a lot of Paytm cash, so I have talked about many Paytm earning apps on my website offer online like Minijoy app - play game and earn paytm cash.  But I liked this app very much, you must have heard about many online gaming apps from where you can withdraw paytm cash and cash in your bank account, but some good features of this app which makes it different from all those apps.  And we will talk to you in our blog post about the features of this app and all.

Some common questions that remain in anyone's mind.  With any Online gaming and earning app.Like if this app will give you the money you won? And in how many days will you get your money? Is this app safe or not? And how much money will you pay for inviting your friends? Many more questions that we will pursue.

How To Download BigCash App and How To Create An Account?

First of all, we will see how to download Big cash app and create your account?

This app is an online money making an app where you can turn on Paytm Cash by playing games.  Due to this, when you will not find it on the play store.  Because the Play Store has some set of rules. because of this, the Play Store or Apple's App Store do not accept such apps.

So to download this app, you have to go to the official website of this app i.e. Bigcash. live or you can download this app directly in your phone by clicking on the download button below. How To Use BigCash Gaming App?

How to download Big cash app by step?

1. click on the download button below and then press Download on the popup window to download this app.
Downlode Big cash App

2. After downloading Big cash app, you have to click on install and install this app in your phone.

Install big cash app

3. And just this app will be downloaded to your phone.

How to make an account in Big cash app?

Download button

1. After downloading this app, you open this app.

Open Bigcash app

2. After that, you will see 3 buttons on your screen, first login second register and third login with Facebook.

3. You can create your account by clicking on the register or it will give you a ₹ 10 bonus if you login with your Facebook.

4. So it would be better if you click on Login with Facebook and get ₹ 10 added to your account.

5. After that, you have to log in this app with your Facebook account.

6. After that, you will be registered successfully in your Big cash account.

How To Play Games and win money in big cash app?

A very important part of this blog how to play the game and earn money in Big cash app? So below I will tell you in detail how you can earn a lot of money.  Only a few online games to play.

First of all, you have to create your account on the Biggest app. Which you might have created. So you have to open your app and you will be displaying many games on the home screen. And one of those games you have to select what you like to play and you are an expert in it. And if you are not an expert, then you have to try a free version of this game and make yourself an expert in this game. After that, you have to find a perfect contest for that particular game. And by adding this contest, you have to play your game and if your rank is at the top of this contest then how will you get your winnings to mount?

Download button

How to play games in a big case app step by step?

1. you have to open your Big cash app.

2. Click on any game given on your home screen which is your favourite.

3.  After that you will have some contest shows running for that particular game.

Join Big cash contest

4. If you click on the side of the winner number, you will get all the information related to that contest.

Contest information

5. After that, you will see the entry fee of that contact.

Entry fee of BigCash app

6. There are two types of entry in this game, first cash money and second big cash Token?

Two type of coin in BigCash app

7. You can pay your entry fee according to your contest.

8. If you do not have cash money or Big cash Token as much as the entry fee of the contest, then you will need to add it to your account.

9. And below is how to add big cash Token or cash money to your account.

10. After that, you successfully enter that contest

Enter match in big Cash

11. Once you join the contest, you can win the contest by showing your best gameplay.

Check ranking

12. And the winning amount should be instantly credited to your account as soon as the contest is over.

How to add money and big cash Token in your big Cash account.

As you know, in the Big Cash app, you can use two types of Coin or money to join the contest and play it.

  • A real money that you will get deposited in this app from your Paytm account.

  • And another virtual coin of this app called Big Cash Token.

How to add real money in Big cash app?

In this app you can add real money by paytm, net banking, debit card through credit card.

1. To add money, you have to click on the plus button which is in the top corner.

Add cash in BigCash app

2. After that, a page of Add Cash will open in front of you.

Add cash in BigCash app

3. After that, you have to enter the amount as much as you want to add.

4. You can pay in this app through the Debit Card, Net Banking, paytm, phonepe and UPI.

5. And to make payment, simply you have to click on your payment medium and do all your details again and after that, you have to pay.

6. After this, the amount will be debited in your account and successful add in your Big cash account.

How to add Big Cash Token in Big cash app?

1. Click on the Big cash Token on the home screen to add big cash Token.

Add BigCash token in BigCash app

2. After that, a popup window will appear in front of you.

Add big cash token

3. Within this, you will get all the information that how many bits of tokens will be available in how many rupees?

Add big cash token in BigCash app

4. If you have that much money in your big ash wallets, then you can do it or you can get it by paying through your net banking UPI, paytm,   phonepe e.t.c.

How to play a fantasy game like cricket, football and kabaddi in Big cash app?

Along with all the online games, the chat app also provides you with the features of playing send the ace game in itself.  You get to see 3 games in this fantasy game.  First cricket second football and third kabaddi you can play any one of these three games.  

What is fantasy cricket

Fantasy game is that some game is running live.  You have to choose the player from those game if your chosen player performs well in that life, then according to that you get some points in this app and according to these points your ranking departs.  If you are in the winning ranking, then the winning cash money gets credited to your account.

Download button

How to play fantasy game in Big cash app step by step

1. First, you have to come to your home screen.

2. After that, you have to scroll down and in the section of Cash Contest, you will see fantasy games of Cricket Football and Kabaddi.

Fantasy cricket in BigCash app

3. After that, you have to wish one of these three games and click on it.

4. On clicking, a popup window will appear in front of you, in which all the information related to that game will be given.

Rules of fantasy cricket in BigCash app

5. You have to read all the rules given in that window carefully.

6. In the pop-up window, you will be told how you have chosen the players and on which basis you will get points?

7. And after reading the rules, you have to cut the window and you will come to the home screen of fantasy cricket.

8. After that, in the section with the schedule, you will get the complete schedule of the game.

9. After that, you have to join one of the contests.

10. After that, you have to create your team by choosing your best player.

11. After that within My contacts action, you will see all the information related to that contest and your ranking.

12. After the contest is over, you will get your results in the section with my results.

13. If your ranking is good, the prize money won will be added to your account immediately.

How to refer and earn money from BigCash App?

Refer and Arn are a good way to earn a lot of money very quickly.  Here people are earning a lot of money by inviting their friend all family members and you can also earn.

      In this method, all you have to do is send your invite link to your friend or family members.  If those people download this app from your invite link then you will get some cash money.

How to invite friends and family members step by step.

1. Go to the home screen and click on the menu bar.

2.  Then click on invite and earn.

3. Now you are in the invite and earn page.

4. Now you see the referral button.

5. Click on any refer button like WhatsApp, Facebook,  message, and another shear medium.

6. Send your unique referral link to friends and family members.

Invite page in BigCash app

7.  If your friend downloads BigCash app by your referral link. And create account by our Facebook account then you will get 15 rupees. 

How to withdraw your winning amount in paytm. 

The best part of any earning app is how much and how you can withdraw your winning amount from it?
  And similarly, you also get the system of withdrawal in the Big cash app.  Where you can only withdraw your winning amount on Paytm. And in this app, you can only withdraw ₹ 50 or more.

1. go to menu section and click on Redeem option.

Redeem option in the menu bar

2. after that select your withdrawal amount and enter your paytm mobile number.

Redeem your winning amount in bigcash

3. click on Redeem button and redeem you winning amount in your paytm wallet.

Download button

important point (terms and conditions )

  • Big Cass App An online played gaming cafe.
  • The Big Cash app is Hundred Percent Safe.
  • With this app you can only withdraw your winning cash in Paytm.
  • In this app you will get more than 15 games to play.
  • In this app you can also play fantasy cricket and kabaddi football.
  • In this you play the game by putting real money.

🤑 BigCash App Referral Code | Play Games and Earn Unlimited Money | APK DOWNLOAD
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