Winzo app - play games and earn money online | Download app | Reffer code

Winzo app - play games and earn money online | Download app | Reffer code

Winzo app - play games and earn money online | Download app | Reffer code
Saturday, 27 June 2020
In this series of Money Making App, we are going to talk about the Winzo app.

Winzo is a great app from where you can earn real money.  In Winzo app you get more than 30 games, which you can play and earn real money.  Due to the high variety of games, you can play any game you like.

You can participate in any game here and you can win this wheat if done well.  Here you also see many famous game tournaments.  Like you can participate in games like free fire and pub live here and according to that you can earn money here.  You get many good games here and there.  Like Ludo.

There are many ways other than playing games where you can earn money, about which we talk below in this article

First of all we will talk about how we can download this app and how we can earn money here by creating our account?

How to download winzo app?

As you all know.  Winzo app is a real money making app.  Due to this, it is not available on Play Store or Apps Store because it does not full fill their terms and conditions. Because in this app you can play games by putting some money on your behalf and Google Play Store or Apps Store. Does not support it.

So that's why you can download the winzo app from their website which is 100% safe and if many people are downloading and earn  lot of money from this app, then you can also.

1. Click on this given link .

2. You will redirect to their office website.

3. Click on the download and get RS.50 button.

4. turn on Unknown Source and go to your phone settings.

5. After that you can install it and your downloading is complete.

How to create account in winzo app.

To create an account, you will need your own mobile number, which you use to login in this app.

1. Open your app first , after downloading.

2. After that you chose language.  There are 10 types of language in this app.

3. After that you have to enter your mobile number and click on login.

4. After that it will ask for some permission from sin such as contact, message, Whom you give permission

5. after that winzo app verify your mobile number by sending OTP and call.

6. After verify your account will be created successfully.

How to earn money in winzo app.

If you have created an account, then you would like to know how to earn money from the winzo app, then let me tell you that there are many ways to make money by winzo app.The most common of which is that you can earn money by playing games in this app. Moreover, in this app you get many more ways from which you can earn money, such as you can earn money by participating in the Quiz in this app and in this app, you can earn money by referring family members from your friend. And Winzo is a feature of the app where you can also make some money on by spinning the daily wheel. We talk about all these things in detail below

How to make money in winzo app by playing game.

The main way in winzo app play game for making money.  You can earn lots of money playing games here.  If you perform well in this game.  You get to see more than 30 games here, of which you can participate in tournaments of games like Free Fire and PUBG.

You get different different games in this app which is in different sectors. Such as winzo Baazi, Daily prizes, 24×7 tournament, World war etc.

Winzo Baazi:-

In the winzo app, you get a game section, inside which there are more than 30 games. You can play any of these games of your choice and earn a lot of money. In these games you will find many other games like Free Fire, Pubg, Ludo, Car Racing and snake game.

Daily prizes:-

Daily Price section is in winzo app where you can play different types of games every day. Here you get three or four game in a day, which are available throughout the day. You have to participate in those games and the winning amount will be added to your account. If you win this game?
In this, you get to see very simple games. Most games are quiz or riddle which you have to solve. And you will win the prize money.

24×7 tournament:-

Within the 24 * 7 tournament section you will find many tournaments live. All of which are for certain time periods in which you can participate and you can continue playing the game as long as the tournament runs. You have to give the entry fee for that tournament to participate. After participating, you will be able to play that game All in this tournament your winnings depends on your ranking. The better your ranking, the more money you will get accordingly.

World war:-

In the World War section, you get a lot of interesting games, who also have a lot of interest in playing roles.  Every game you will find in this section has a time limit which in assigning you a team is assigned in which some members are present.  They all team up and play this game, and whichever team has the best score, what goes.  There are charts in which about 12 members are wanted in a team, which depends on what your ranking will be.  On the base of that you will get your winning amount.

How to participate tournaments in winzo app and earn money.

Participating in the tournament of the game of winzo app is very easy.  In this, you have to click on any game you want to play.  After that if you have made an entry in that game, then you have to pay it.  Entry that you will see on the game banner.

After that you have to play your used game and if you play that game well and if you win then the winning amount will be credited to your account.

In this app you can find different different games in different sections which I have talked about above like winzo Baazi, 24 × 7 tournament, world war, and daily price.

1. Choose your favourite game that you want to play.

2. Pay the entry fee of that particular game.

3. Play the game and perform well.

4.  After that the winning amount is added to your account.

5. It is almost the rule of all section games to play the game.

How to add money in winzo app and play games.

If you withdraw your won money or lose all the money in this game, one of the option is that you can play the game by depositing money in it.  To make a deposit, you can deposit  money from Paytm UPI and any other wallet.

But I am against it that you put your money in it and play the game.  The easiest way to earn money in this is that you play money only by investing the amount won.

If somehow you lose your amount in it, then I will demand that you create a new account from a new mobile number, in which you get ₹ 10 signup bonus and you can play the game by applying it.

If you still want to invest  money, then I would tell you step by step below.

1. Click on the wallet icon above.

2. After that type all the money you want to deposit.

3. If you want to add money to the first time app then you will get 75% cashback.

4. Then click on Add Money.

5. After that you can add money through phone through Paytm Net Banking or Debit Card Credit Card.

6.  After that you click on your payment medium and add money successfully.

How to withdraw money from winzo app.

Withdrawing your money in the Vinzo app is a little tricky, but not difficult.

If you have to withdraw your winning amount in this app, then before that you will have to refer a minimum friend or add ₹ 10 to this app.

So according to me, the best way is to refer this app to at least one friend.  You will also get some amount from it and you can also call your money. Or if you are also using your alternative number, then create a new account with your referral link.  At that number and you will get a referrer and withdrawal will be eligible for your I account.

Open your app

After that you click on the icon of the wallet which is in the menu below

After that the withdrawal page of Winzo app will come in front of you.

If you have successfully referred a friend or added ₹ 10, you are eligible for withdrawal.

Click Simply withdrawal and get your winning amount withdrawal

How to invite friends and earned money in winzo app

Like all money making apps, you also get the option of Refer and Earn in winzo app where you can refer to your friend or family members and in return you will get some money. In this app, you will get money at different stage where depending on the activity of your referred friend.Like how much money does your friend add and how many games he plays? And how many matches does your friend have?

How money will you get :-

Install & Verify    Rs.4.0    
Friend's 1st Add Money Rs.20.0
Friend's plays 10Rs. 2.0 
 Friend Adds 5 more Rs. 10.0

1. Open your winzo app.

2. Click on refer tab

3. After that click on "Refer Now" green button.

4. Share your referral link with your friend and family member.

5. When your friend complete all activities on winzo app you will get your referral money

Final word:-

Many people are making a lot of money with this app.  If your gaming skills are good, then you can earn a lot of money from here only by playing games. You can get many types of games here.

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Winzo app - play games and earn money online | Download app | Reffer code
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