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What is RozDhan app?

So that you can earn money from your mobile sitting at home, then friends, today I am going to tell you about a very amazing app.  This is Rozdhan app, friend, you may have heard the name, this is an app from which you can earn a lot of money from your mobile sitting at home. so I am telling you about it.  I use and use you in step by step full detail. you can also read about :-  best online play game and earn money app (Bigcash app) and Minijoy app – play game and earn paytm cash

Rozdhan app

How to Download RozDhan App and make a new Account ?

 Click on that link, then this page will open.  Now when you click on Login to Arn here, the Play Store will open and Rozdhan app will come in front of you 70000 people have given a rating of 4.1 and more than 10 million people have downloaded this app.  That is a genuine and trust.  I am using my  phone and earning money too.

How to Download RozDhan App?

1. First click on the given link. and the website will open 

2. Then click on the login to earn button.

RozDhan App Review | Download

3. After that the Play Store will open in front of you.

4. And you can install Rozdhan app.

5. After installing, open the Rozdhan app.

RozDhan App Review | Download

How to make an account in rozdhan app

You can create account in Rozdhan app from your phone number Google account or Facebook account.And while creating an account, you will need the invite code of your friend, if you enter this invite code, you will get ₹ 25.If you do not have an invite code, you can use the invite code given below.And how to use the invite code is given below.

1. First of all you have to open your app.

 2. you have to choose a language in which you are comfortable. 

RozDhan App Review | Download and Earn Paytm Cash

3. You have to give sari permission in this app like storage, location, message, contact.

RozDhan App Review

4. After that you have to click on the option of me.

make an account

5. After that you have to click on the profile picture.

new Account in rozdhan app

6. After that a window will open in front of you and you will be asked to login or sign up?

enter your number

7. Here you have to enter your mobile number or you can login with Facebook or Google too?

8. After entering the mobile number, summit OTP and click on confirm.

enter your otp

9. After that your account will be created successfully.
account is created

How can I earn from rozdhan app?

Many people ask this question in Google, how can they earn money from Rozdhan app?  I would like to tell you that there are many ways to earn money from Rozdhan app.  In the Rozdhan app, you will get two types of tops, first up to one time and second Delhi top, you can earn money in the purification app by completing both of these talk.  Moreover, you can earn money in Rozdhan app by playing online games and you can earn real money by reading articles and sharing them in your friends.

1. To earn money, first you have to click on the option of earn Money.

earn money in rozdhan app

2. After that you will get the option of daily checking at the top, after clicking on it you will get some coins.

3. And the next option is that you have to complete some of the given tasks. Like daily tasks, new user task, super coin task, service tasks.

daily task in rozdhan app

4. You can also earn money by playing simple online games. You will get the games in your tasks section which you will get some points by playing.

play games and earn money

How to earn money by checking daily in Rozdhan app?

Rozdhan app has a daily checking feature, where you can earn on a few coins, on a simple click, The daily Checking feature will be found in the earn Money tab, where you will get a chance of daily checking and after checking, you will get some coins which will be added to your daily money account.

1. First open your rozdhan app.

2. Click on earn money tab section.

earn money

3.  in the top you will see the daily checking option.

Daily check in

4. Click on that button and you will get some coins.

How does RozDhan app make money by playing games?

A lot of people keep searching in Google how to earn money by playing games from the Rozdhan app?

So let me tell you that by playing the game you can earn money in Rozdhan app.  But if that thing will be available in your task section, means the Rozdhan app gives you some game tasks on a daily basis that you can earn money by playing that games which is available in the daily tasks for one time tasks in your earn money section.

1. First open  your rozdhan app.

2. Click on earn money tab section.

Earn money

3. Scroll down and find the tasks in which you can play games and earn money.

Game task in rozdhan app

4.Click n that starts and the game web page will open in your web browser.

open games for play

5.You will get a few points for winning every game.

How can I get unlimited coins in RoZDhan app?

There are many ways to earn unlimited money in this app, which I will discuss to you below.
By the way, I tell you that if you complete any tasks or read any articles in the Rozdhan app, then you do not get direct money in exchange for that.  Instead, you get some points that you can convert to real money and withdraw it in your Paytm account.
Within the Rozdhan app, you get the money to read any article or you get money by sharing any article with your friend, or you can earn a lot of money by inviting your friend and you can  also earn money by playing games.
And you will find all these options in the task section in the earn money tab. All you have to do is open your daily money app on daily basis and complete all the tasks which you find in many different formats.  Such as daily task one time task and service tasks of and many similar.

How can I convert coins to cash in RozDhan?

How to convert daily money into money is also very much asked, so I want to tell you that in this case you do not have to do anything on your behalf.  Every night at exactly 12:00 pm, the Rozdhan app automatically converts your coin into money And it gets added to your account.
If someday your coin is not converted into money then there is no need to worry.  An email address is provided in the Rozdhan app ([email protected]).  On which you can contact them by email, about this and your money will soon be converted into money.

How can I earn fast in RoZDhan?

If you want to earn fast money with the Rozdhan app then the only solution in front of you is that you should share this app to your friends as much as possible.

If you invite your friend, you will get 1500 coins at once.

How can I use RozDhan referral code?

To invoice you have to go to the Simple Me section and click on Invite Friend.After that you can send your invite code to your friend from any medium.  If your friend downloads this app and pastes your invitation code, you will get 1500 coins late.
1. First of all open your rozdhan app.
2. Click on me section

invite section

3. After that click on invite friends

invite your friend

4. After that, the invite page of Rozdhan app will open in front of you.

invite code in rozdhan app

5. After that you have to click on Invite and Get cash. 
6. After referring your friend, if your friend creates an account with your referral code then you will get 1500 coins.

What is RozDhan invite code?

Invite code is a special code with the help of which you can invite any friend to your referrer in this app and in return you get some credit and use the invoice code to try the same thing.  
If you share your Invite Code in Rozdhan app to a friend, then in return you will get 1500 coins.
Not only this, if you are a new user and you have not yet used the invoice code of anyone after creating your account, then you can use the invoice code of your friend and if you use it, then Instantly in your account  ₹ 25 will be credited.

And if you do not have the invoice code of your friend, then you can also use the below invoice code in your account.(07ZJF8)

Is RozDhan App genuine?

Still many people are wondering what is the Rozdhan app is genuine app, what does it give you money , then let me tell you that it is a genuine app that gives you real paytm cash.  You will find its on the Play Store.  Because this app has a rating of 4 points by almost 140000 people and more than 10 million have downloaded this app.
Below I am also sharing the withdrawal proof of this app with you.

How to withdrawal our cash in rozdhan app.

You can send your won amount in Paytm with daily application, for this you should have at least ₹ 250.  After that you will add your Paytm phone number to it, after which you can send your amount directly to Paytm.

1. To withdraw the won amount, you must first click on the option of me.

withdrawal you money from rozdhan app

2. After that you have to click on My Balance.

my balance section in rozdhan appp

3.After that you click on the option of withdrawal

withdrawal in paytm

4. After that you can add your Paytm number with your Rozdhan app.

add your paytm number

5. After that you have to click on withdrawal.  If you have ₹ 250 in your account, you will successfully withdraw.

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